Maatkit is now known as Percona Toolkit

Useful tool for any MySQL DBA, Maatkit is a collection a utilities that ease painful MySQL manipulations (archive tables, keep a slave in sync, analyse slow queries…).

Or should I say “Maatkit was…”. In fact, it’s now known as “Percona Toolkit” and it’s available on Dotdeb for both Debian 6.0 “Squeeze” and 5.0 “Lenny”.


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Is there available to make repo with Percona mysql server, but named not like percona-server-server or percona-server-client, but mysql-server and mysql-client.
Because using percona repos cause uninstalling of phpmyadmin.

@librarian : here are my plans
1/ release Oracle MySQL 5.5 packages. Tests keep going.
2/ meet the Percona guys in London at the end of the month to talk about their naming conventions and their packages’ dependencies
3/ maybe release percona-server as alternative for percona-server.

Thanks for the reply.

I have been talking about naming problem with Oleg Tsarev.

He advice me to open ticket about problem in their bug tracker or open tickets in debian projects. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to do this, but I will do this when I will have enough time to do this.

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