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Nginx 1.0.6 updated : Passenger 3.0.9 and syslog support

Nginx 1.0.6 has been updated :

  • the nginx-full and nginx-extras packages now support syslog
  • nginx-extras now uses Passenger 3.0.9

Here are the changes in Passenger 3.0.9 :

  • [Nginx] Fixed a NULL pointer crash that occurs on HTTP/1.0 requests when the Host header isn’t given.
  • Fixed deprecation warnings on RubyGems >= 1.6.
  • Improved Union Station support stability.

6 replies on “Nginx 1.0.6 updated : Passenger 3.0.9 and syslog support”

2011/09/23 01:23:51 [debug] 15921#0: *7 free: 000000000172BF40, unused: 1
I’m getting debug lines in the error_log, but it’s configured to notice states. What’s wrong?

Hey thanks for dotdeb Guillaume, much appreciated! My question is where is the upload module?

If you’re not including it on purpose, is there another module included that we’re supposed to use?

@Spacemonkey : this 3rd party module is not included in the official Debian packages, that’s why has not been included in Dotdeb packages. I’ll take a look at it, but no plan to include it yet

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