PHP 5.3.3 packages get a minor update

The PHP 5.3.3 packages for Debian 5.0 “Lenny” (amd64/i386) have been updated. Here are the changes :

  • php5-fpm should now work out-of-the-box. Some unset parameters prevented its launch. Thanks to Daniel Hahler for the patch.
  • PECL/APC has been upgraded to 3.1.4
  • PECL/memcache has been upgraded to 3.0.5

Upgrade to MySQL 5.1.51! It fixes a DoS vulnerability

MySQL versions prior to 5.1.51 (including 5.1.50) suffer from a vulnerability in the processing of arguments passed to the LEAST()or GREATEST() functions. This issue could be exploited by a malicious user to cause a server crash, leading to a DoS condition.

You really should upgrade your Lenny servers (amd64 or i386) with the new packages of MySQL 5.1.51 from Dotdeb. As usual, don’t forget to read the Changelog before upgrading.