PHP 5.2.9 is packaged (at last)

Sorry for the delay, but I had to come back from winter sports to have a decent Internet connection…

After being published by the PHP Group, PHP 5.2.9 anf its corresponding PECL extensions is now packaged for Lenny/Etch, amd64/i386. It fixes some annoying crashes and one security issue. The next release should be PHP 5.3.0 with some new interesting features (MySQL native driver, Phar, namespaces…).

Take a look at the official Changelog for more details before doing this recommanded upgrade.


MySQL 5.1.32 is now available

MySQL AB has just released MySQL 5.1.32. This maintenance release fixes several bugs and one security issue. Upgrading is recommended, especially for those using replication.

Last but not least, it is now packaged for Lenny and Etch, amd64 and i386! Feel free to upgrade your servers…