Debian 8.0 Jessie has been released, and what it means for Dotdeb

Good news, guys : Debian 8.0 Jessie has been released on April 25th 2015. Huge kudos to all the Debian developers who made this happen!

Jessie already includes the following components by default :

  • PHP 5.6.7
  • MariaDB 1.0.16 and MySQL 5.5.42
  • Nginx 1.6.2

That means that in the next few days/weeks (thanks in advance for your patience), Dotdeb will progressively provide the following packages for Jessie :

  • Nginx, latest stable release
  • Redis, latest release
  • Zabbix LTS
  • Last but not least, PHP 7 once it’s declared as stable

That also means that Dotdeb won’t provide these packages for Jessie :

  • PHP 5, which latest version is already included in Jessie
  • MySQL, already included in Jessie in MySQL 5.5 or MariaDB 10.0 flavors.

As a consequence for you :

  • “Wheezy/PHP 5.6” users should migrate to “Jessie/PHP 5.6
  • “Wheezy/MySQL 5.6” users should stick to Wheezy before migrating to “Jessie/MariaDB 10.0”

Please also note that :

  • We’ll support Debian 6 “Squeeze” until the end of its Long Term Support (February 2016),
  • as well as Debian 7 “Wheezy” with its current set of packages until its end of life.
  • The archive symlinks has been adjusted to make Jessie stable, wheezy oldstable, squeeze oldoldstable. Please make sure that your sources.list is up-to-date

I hope you will enjoy this great new major Debian release and that Dotdeb will keep being useful to you.