Redis 2.6.14, for Debian Wheezy and Squeeze

Redis 2.6.14 has been released, bringing the following changes (take a look at the Changelog) :

  • [FIX] AOF bug: expire could be removed from key on AOF rewrite.
  • [FIX] Allow writes from scripts called by AOF loading in read-only slaves.
  • [FIX] Sentinel: parse new version of INFO replication output correctly.
  • [NEW] Reset masterauth if an empty string is configured.

The upgrade urgency is HIGH because of the following two issues:

  • Lua scripting + Replication + AOF in slaves problem (see Issue #1164).
  • AOF + expires possible race condition (see Issue #1079).

The packages are now available for both Debian 7.0 “Wheezy” and Debian 6.0 “Squeeze” on both amd64 and i386 architectures.