PHP 5.2 last update : 5.2.16

PHP 5.2.16 has been released by the PHP Group a few days after PHP 5.2.15 (fixing an open_basedir issue). It is now available on Dotdeb for your Debian “Lenny” servers.

This maintainance release marks the end of support for PHP 5.2. You are strongly encouraged to upgrade to PHP 5.3 (read this migration guide).

Please read PHP 5.2.15 and 5.2.16 release announcements and the full Changelog before upgrading.

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It would be very nice to have the most recent 5.2.x packages available for Debian 6.0 Squeeze, since its nice to have the newest OS but sometimes one needs to have older packages. PHP 5.2 is exactly one of those packages…

Nice and useful site, this is a new one for me. Thanks for providing your services.

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